Friday 18 April 2014

Welcome to EmergencyMedJC

The following posts are short and pertinent summaries of interesting articles discussed at our multi-disciplinary journal clubs in our area. We are a small Emergency Department located in regional Tasmania and as such we have the fortune of combining our meetings with other departments throughout the hospital. The different perspectives are worth their weight in gold and provide insight beyond the typical dedicated EM journal club. I thank my colleagues for their support and input. Much of what I post are the highlights from the discussion and certainly I cannot claim all of it as my own.

I endeavour to keep each post short and hit the key points. In order to maintain interest, I purposely do not mention every last detail of the methodology, statistics & results. Rather I have tried to filter out the best parts and hope readers find this educational and practical.  

I very much appreciate any feedback or suggestions. Enjoy!



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